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Aaron Paulson First Essay English 11 College Writing Kids in sports In today’s world, having kids involved in sports is a great idea. I personally played sports all through my childhood, and I stayed out of trouble for the most part. There is so much corruption and chaos that if a child is playing sports, then he/she will not have the opportunity to get caught up in it. However, one must take into consideration the possibility of getting injured, psychotic parents, and kids being pressured to participate in sports they do not prefer to play and to perform well in them. From these points one can conclude that there are both pros and cons with kids playing sports. From the negative perspective, kids may get injured while playing sports. There are many sports that are physical, for example football. Football is probably one of the most physical sports out there. It is very easy to get hurt. In my first high school football game, an opposing player broke his arm when one of my teammates fell on him. For families without health insurance, this type of injury can run up big bill Continue...

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After the many of my basketball games my father and I would get into arguments over the way I played. Many times parent can be too hard are the children when it comes to their performance during a game. In fact if it were not for sports my best friend would not be who it is today. I do not mean to sound like everything about sports is negative, because it is not. As the world becomes more violent and filled with drugs, having a child in sports may be the only way to keep himher away from the negativity. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. However, the positive effects on kids in sports will not change. Attending sporting events keeps children away from drugs, and does not give himher any time to get in trouble. Sports are a great opportunity for kids to remain active. Kids who are not involved in sports are more apt to be out of shape, and at home playing Sony Playstation, and watching Jerry Springer. Being involved in sports provides children with a positive atmosphere after school. Some injuries, such as concussions and neck injuries, can be life threatening. If a child were to suffer from a neck injury their life could be ruined. Parents can become less demanding, and can put less pressure on their kids.


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