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David Williamson The Club Essay : In his play The Club, David Williamson presents numerous Australian attitudes of the 1970s. However, many of these attitudes are still relevant and fairly accurate representations of Australian attitudes in the 1990s, although some of course have changed somewhat over the time since the play was written nearly twenty years ago. Tradition plays a very important part in The Club. Each of the characters of course has his own ideas and attitudes towards tradition, but there are some which are more or less universal throughout the play. In The Club, tradition is mainly presented as the opposite to progress and success; that is, to achieve success in today’s world, tradition must be abandoned. For example, Laurie (the coach) blames an old Club tradition for his failure to win a premiership, "You and your cronies wouldn’t let me buy players." Jock (the vice-president) replies, "We were upholding an old tradition. It was wrong, but we believed in it." Then in the next line, Laurie accuses Jock of supporting the rest of the committee in upholding the tradition not because he believed in it himself, but because he didn’t want Laurie to succeed, "They might have believed in it but the reason why yo Continue...

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Loyalty is also an important issue in The Club, although each of the characters is loyal in very different degrees and ways. The fact that the Club has not been particularly successful recently and has not won a premiership for nineteen years only strengthens the characters' competitive attitudes and desire for victory. In addition to competing for power amongst themselves, the characters of The Club are also fiercely competitive with the other football clubs in the league. Don't expect me to be sorry for you. Although most men claim they would never hit a woman and are disgusted at those who do, the rate of domestic violence shows that not enough is being done to change true attitudes towards violence against women. These sorts of competitive attitudes are realistic and still held in the 1990s. Competitiveness is also an important attitude in the play -- one which is shared by all the characters, to at least some extent. " Gerry's pragmatic attitude is perhaps typical of the attitudes which are becoming commonplace in the cutthroat business world of the 1990s. However, Gerry (the administrator) and Jock's plans for next year not only include the dropping of some Club traditions, but also extensive commercialisation as wealthy entrepreneurs are recruited for sponsorship money which will be used to buy more players. This attitude presented by Williamson is probably even more widespread now in the 1990s, as success is seen as being even more important today. Ted (the president) has the most obvious power at the start of the play, although he steadily loses it throughout as the other characters strive to improve their standing. As mentioned earlier, the power struggle between Laurie and Jock is evidenced by Laurie's accusation that Jock supported the committee's traditional approach only to stop Laurie from succeeding. Williamson's portrayal reflects many Australian attitudes of the 1990s very accurately, even though the play was written nearly twenty years ago. " However, Jock does support and use tradition when it is in agreement with his goals.


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