Kant & the problem of modern philosophy

             In Immaneul Kant’s work, Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics, the principle idea or question of discussion is whether or not metaphysics is possible. Although this is clearly the objective of his argument, the author is not concerned with constructing metaphysics. Rather he uses this question as a method of articulating the problem of modern philosophy, for by creating an inquiry of the theory of metaphysics one is forced to examine its conditions of possibility. This problem of modern philosophy is based on the gap between the phenomenal and the noumenal, or the experience of reality and the knowledge of reality, as illustrated by the renowned empiricist, David Hume. According to Hume, we are fundamentally limited to the phenomenal, holding only our impressions as true based on perception. In contrast, Kant introduced the idea that the mind leaves an impression on perception, which illustrates cooperation between the mind and experience based on their conformity, t!
             hus explaining knowledge. This innate form has been given to us, and through time and space we are allowed a certain amount of flexibility within boundaries. The genius of Kant lies in the fact that he created an image of reality that was not possible with Hume, for he instilled a level of confidence through recognition of our limits. Therefore, the significance of Kant’s work is that it portrays the parameters within the mind, which in effect turns Hume’s skepticism into positive reinforcement of experience.
             It was Hume’s belief that you must have experience to have anything at all, for existence must be perceived through impression. The problem of this lies within the fact that our knowledge is restricted to appearances, for we will never know the true nature of things as they are in themselves. Due to the fact that the point of reference was now altered, this idea created a revolution for philosophy for the new paradigm shifted schools of...

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