Choosing a college

             Every day we must make decisions that affect our lives. Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions in life, exceeded only by the choice of a wife or a husband. Financially speaking, college can easily be the second largest expenditure in life, surpassed only by the cost of a house. Some four year colleges cost far more than the average expense of a house in some states. College is more than a preparation for a career. Often, the person who graduates becomes a different person from what he or she was as an entering first year student. Furthermore, the imprint of a particular college or university can remain for life. Decades later, people may say knowingly, "He was a “hawk,” or “She went to Monmouth University.” For better or worse, the choice of a college has lifelong implications.
             Choosing the right college was a very stressful process. It was such an overwhelming task that I did not even know where to begin. Being a competitive track athlete, working a job, and busy with school, I really did not even give thought to where I wanted to attend college. There was so much going on in my life that I felt like I had no time to think about my future. As a result, when I found the time for choosing a college, I became fed up with its long process. I felt as if there was so much to do in such a little bit of time. This whole process caused me much anxiety, because I worried about getting accepted into college. Not only was I worried about getting into college, but I was also worried about getting money to pay for college.
             Choosing a college was the biggest decision I made in my life so far. My decision has,and will affect my life forever. During the process of choosing a college I learned to become more independent. I went through the whole process by myself receiving assistance only when needed. What helped make the process much easier was narrowing my search down to the colleges that possessed qualities for whic...

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