Sam Adams Ale Comparison

             Beer is liquid bread. It is a natural product made of natural whole grains. All bread is not the same and either are Samuel Adams Ales. Most people assume that all Samuel Adam Ales are the same beer with different names. Samuel Adams Ales have some similarities but are usually very different in taste, color, and the process in which they are made.
             Samuel Adams Summer Ale and Samuel Adams IPA (Indian Pale Ale) are both brewed by the Boston Beer Company, the seventh largest brewery in the United States. They brew Samuel Adams IPA and Samuel Adams Summer Ale in breweries located in Boston, Cincinnati, Ohio; Pittsburgh, PA Portland, Oregon; Rochester, NY and Lehigh Valley, PA. All of the ales made by the Boston Beer Company contain four classic brewing ingredients pure water, lager yeast, two-row malt and Bavarian hops. Samuel Adams IPA and Samuel Adams Summer Ale have no preservatives, non-twist off caps, both are available in 12 ounce long neck brown bottles and kegs. All of the bottles have a replica of Samuel Adam’s signature on the Declaration of Independence and freshness date on them. Samuel Adams Ales are more expensive compared to other domestic beers because of the quality, quantity of the ingredients, and the amount of time it takes to make the beer.
             Samuel Adams IPA (Indian Pale Ale) was first brewed in 1998 and is available all year round. Indian Pale Ale is described as” hoppy with a citrusy aroma with a malty carmel finish.” Indian Pale Ale is aged for a maximum of twenty-eight days. They use a special procedure called oak aging during the brewing process. Indian Pale Ale is always amber in color. It has approximately 175 calories per 12 ounce serving and contains 5.93% alcohol.
             Samuel Adams Summer Ale was first brewed in 1996 and is only available from April through August. Summer Ale is described as “crisp, tangy, refreshing with notes of citrus and pepper. It aged a maximum of

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