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What Enabled the Bolsheviks to Seize Power in Russia in Nove

What Enabled the Bolsheviks to Seize Power in Russia in November 1917 To understand how Bolsheviks could come to power it is necessary to understand the group mindset under the leadership of Lenin. Lenin's primary objective was to achieve the Utopian Marxist vision of the future, when all the world’s proletariat would rise up and put an end to the eternal conflict of history. Lenin would therefore do anything to light the fuse that would inevitably, in his view, set off a chain reaction that would lead to a European wide revolution. Europe at this time (1917) was becoming very war weary thus the time was right in Lenin’s eyes to secure the rapid spark that would set the world alight with socialism and therefore any measure, even opportunistic tactics, had to be employed. Thus like the Jacobin club of the French Revolution the Bolsheviks harnessed the rage of the working class and whipped up their demands to a level that they knew the provisional government would not give in to. This discredited the new provisional government allowing the Bolsheviks to make the grand statement that under the heading of the Soviet they represented the will of the people. A major factor that played a part in the downfall of the Tsar also played a role in the downfall of the provisional government and thus left conditions open to revolutionary radicals like the Bolsheviks. This factor, which in essence brought down two regimes, was the Russian’s view of their military prowess and was the key which turned the revolution in the Bolshevik’s favour as under the tsarist system the war effort started to go badly for the Russians at the major defeat at Totenberg. By this time Russian enthusiasm for the war had turned sour and the military became un-disciplinable, due in part to Bolshevik pamphlets that had been circulated around the front lines. This in turn split the provisional government as Kerensky wanted a more left-wing approach to the ...

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