Similarities and differences between African and Asian Elephants

             The Similarities and Differences Between
             African and Asian Elephants By Karen O'Connor
             Today, various types of mammals can be found in many regions of the world.Elephants are familiar characters found in the minds of people surrounding the globe. The African Elephant and the Asian Elephant are two existing species of these enormous mammals. Each species contains many similarities concerning their characteristics of life, but display distinct differences in various of their physical features.
             African and Asian elephants have a tendency to travel in family groups known as herds. Inside these herds, female elephants form their own group with only nursing male elephants. The remainders of male elephants stay within their own separate group. These herds usually obtain a mature female elephant as a leader, and can average twenty to forty elephants with life spans reaching seventy years old.
             Every female elephant has a gestation period of about twenty-two months, and is able to reproduce every four to five years. At birth, the average baby elephant can obtain a height of five feet and weigh about two hundred pounds. After a young elephant is born, it nurses the milk of the mother for about two years, while maturing.
             African and Asian elephants are considered to be among the most intelligent mammals. These species exhibit examples of intelligence in how they communicate. Elephants use a method of subsonic rumbles, which to human beings, are inaudible. This method of communication is very effective, and can be accomplished over great distances.
             African elephants and Asian elephants each live in habitats ranging from thick jungle to open plains, but dwell in different climates, due to location. Since most mammals eventually adapt to their habitat and climate, African elephants and Asian elephants adapted by changing several of their physical features in contrasting ways.

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