Out of all the season’s I can think of, there is only one that comes to mind. That would be summer, the best season of them all. There are many reasons to why I think summer is the best, I mean, with winter, spring, and the fall. Yeah, they are all great season’s too, but summer blows them all out of the water.
             My first reason to why I think summer is the greatest, is because school is over. This is why so many kids love summer. They don’t have to go to school. No more nerve-wrecking tests, pop quizzes, homework, or projects. Summer is just meant for you to have fun and relax. It is meant for you to hang out with your friends, go to the movies, and the parties.
             A second reason why I like summer the most, is that I get to go on the best vacations ever with my family. I cannot wait until school gets over, because I look forward to going on those thrilling and exciting vacations. Hopefully, this year my family and I plan to try and go to Hawaii again. If not, we are always prepared with a back-up plan.
             A third reason to why I like summer so much is that it is the perfect weather and atmosphere to go to the shore, and just relax. Since it is so hot in the summer, I love to go swimming. It doesn’t matter where, the shore or a pool. I like to hang with friends, and sometimes my family lets me choose a friend and take them with me down to the shore. I always have a blast.

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