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Extra Credit Deserts Approximately a third of the Earth’s land surface is made up of some kind of desert with very little rainfall and vegetation. Deserts are very dry and hot, but at some points experience a cold front. Deserts vary in several different ways. Some contain vast areas of sand, rocks or gravel with few plants. Severe winds blow in and out of the deserts transporting valuable mineral deposits, thus leaving behind preserved fossils. Sand dunes are very prominent in deserts and there are several different types depending on the wind patterns. Plant life varies as well. Winds play a big role in the desert atmosphere. They may be seasonal, sporadic or even daily. They range from gentle breezes to violent gusts at speeds as high as 300 k/hr. Deserts are formed by global circulation patterns. They are usually found close to the north and south poles and the equator. There are deserts not only on the Earth, but also on other planets including mars with a surface of a desert all around. Deserts come in all different shapes and sizes. They a Continue...

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Sand dunes are rarely found in these deserts, but there is quite a bit of snow that falls in highly precipitated areas. They form when winds blow in one direction. Caliche, a reddish-brown to white layer, is found in many deserts soils. Due to little rain, most plants can"tmt survive. Plants are very sparse, but include a variety. The temperature in these areas varies and has no average temperature all year around. The desert is formed in the "shadow"tm of the range. For example a well know desert is the Sahara desert in North Africa. The soil found on these deserts consists of bedrock or gravel. Monsoon deserts develop in response to changing temperature between continents and oceans. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. It receives rare rainfall and has dunes with slight ripples do to blowouts made by the wind. Mid Latitude deserts occur at subtropical and high-pressure zones. Also found I deserts are alluvial fans, playas, desert lakes and oases. Deserts feature fine-grained soil including pebbles and frequent cobbles.


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