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Guoqiang Zhang Professor Mindy February 28, 2001 People work everyday. They have to make a living. I had my first job interviewed because I wanted to have spare money to spend. It was the scariest thing that had happened to me as a young adult. I was very nervous waiting home impatiently by the phone. When I was just about to hang out with several friends, the telephone started ringing and I picked it up very quickly. “Hello, I am calling from Jadefountain, the Chinese restaurant. Can I talk to Leo?” An old man’s voice said accently. “Leo? Sure, This is Leo.” I replied politely. “When will you have time check out the job?” The man assured who I am and continued to ask. “Any time will just be fine.” I aswered excitingly. It was the phone call that I had been expecting for the whole day and I could not believe what I heard. Our phone conversation ended less than two minutes. At the same time, my sister was standing around and waiting for my response. Suddenly, I shouted out, “ I had the job!” I was so excited for myself an! d for my very first job. It was Monday afternoon and I was ready working for my first job. Being nervous and excited is something that everyone goes through on the first day of a new Continue...

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Finally, there was one bit of wisdom that I would like to push myself on to colleges regarding the first day of working. "No, no!", the lady interupted me when I mentioned her order. Knowing that I had a right answer, I introduced myself that the reason I had come. Chichen! you know!" She said loudly. "That's not the price what I usually paid. As I headed home from my first day on the job, reviewing the whole experience in my head I wondered if people goes through that everyday or was that just an one time ordeal. Besides, I specifically heard the 'shrimp' coming out from your mouth. I could hardly hear their whispering,"who is he" I would simply jump back in the street before the door shuts. Ivan walked in and said that everything was okay now and the lady had left. And I was wondering if I would be fired. So, I looked at the register carefully again and told her the price. Especially, she emphasized the 'chicken'. I began to ask myself if my fragmented pidgin English was ok to be a cashier. After he finished adding the bill, Ivan tried to explain to her that this was my first day on the job. I did not reply immediately because I felt uncertain about what I said.


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