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Sportsmanship When I first looked at the list of words there were to choose from on character, I was dumbfounded. There were twenty-seven values to choose from, all of them equally important. So after reviewing the list three or four times and getting the personal opinion of others, I decided to choose Sportsmanship. I chose it because instead of having to choose one moral, I chose one that combines them all. True Sportsmanship seems to be becoming more and more scarce in tod Continue...

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    .... 101.03 Dr. Okun "Sportsmanship" Sportsmanship, what do you think it is? Sportsmanship today isn't what it has been in the past. .... (829 3 )

Sportsmanship is not something just exclusively for sports though. However this infection of un-sportsmanlike conduct, has not only infected professional football. These events sadden me, and often make me want to change the channel. Just turn on the tv to Monday Night Football, and you'll see two grown men insulting each other like eight-year-olds. I hope everyone, including me, thinks about it the next time they're disrespecting someone on or off the field. Sportsmanship should be used in all areas of life. Whatever happened to the Walter Payton days of yore The days when a player would intimidate you with their skill, not their mouth. I know it is not easy to just let some things go, but the harder people try, the better it will be for all of us. Then, there was when Roberto Alomar, a baseball player, spit in the face of an umpire a couple years back. To quote Jay Leno, "Imagine how bad it would be if football didn't build character. Or if not that, then they'll be dancing around with little or no form. Just try and keep your cool and respect others like the great ones did and you will be fine. After all, who wants to be the guy watching Jamal do the dirty bird ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. I realize that most people don't start dancing around or attacking each other on an everyday basis.


NCAA Legal Cases
violation of three Bylaws due to this transaction, including 10.3 (gambling activities), 10.1 (unethical conduct), 10.01.1 (honesty and sportsmanship), 16.02.3 (1774 7 )

Character Education
of conduct was the "Children's Morality Code" which emphasized "ten laws of right living---self-control, good health, kindness, sportsmanship, self-reliance (9527 38 )

Athletic Leadership
number of minority coaches increases, so will their opportunities at the big jobs" (6). Coaches also play a vital role in educating students about sportsmanship (2363 9 )

The value of Youth Participation in Sports
Many parents force their children to play sports, believing that such activity instills positive values like teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship. (2180 9 )

Value of Sports in the Schools
Good sportsmanship makes for good citizenship. Athletes who play the game by the rules, and observe the principles of good sportsmanship, are ethical players. (1562 6 )

Deaf Athletes
The USADSF embraces "universal values of self-respect, sportsmanship, and competition, which transcend all boundaries of geography, nationality, political (1545 6 )