Prostitution Reform in Canada

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Prostitution, the act of selling sex, has been called the “world’s oldest profession.” Indeed it may be, for it seems that as long as civilization has existed, there have been those that have been selling their sexual services for money. Why then, after all these years, has it not yet been legalized in some countries, and in this case, Canada? The sex trade, despite the efforts of many to destroy it, is alive and well in Canada and as the population grows, so does prostitution. Unfortunately, the state of prostitution in Canada today is detrimental to the safety and health of both the prostitutes and those that would make use of their services. The women are at constant risk of rape, murder, and the contracting of all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases, the most feared of these being the deadly AIDS virus. Prostitution cannot be stopped. As long as there is a demand there will be a supply; and logic, common sense, and past experience dictate that there is always a demand. Hence it is only logical for our government to look at this problem from a different perspective, not elimination but regulation. It will not just do to de-criminalize prostitution but to legalize and regulate it. Legalizing and regulating pr Continue...

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Her occupation will be discussed somewhere in the article itself, but she is not defined by her occupation. The only way to do this is to legalize and regulate prostitution. Hodgeson, James 1997 Games Pimps Play. ostitution will not weaken the sex industry itself, but will weaken those that take advantage of the fact that it is illegal. Every city where prostitution is prevalent must create a red light district that is heavily policed to keep away the pimps and sexual predators that would put the prostitutes in danger. From 1993 to 1995, 60 female prostitutes were murdered. It must also end it's hypocritical stance regarding on and off-street prostitution. More often than not, these individuals are very successful in this matter. 1 disallows the practices that would allow a street prostitute to do business and section 210, 211 and 212 make those who run brothels liable for doing so. This system will also allow the government to get rid of the real criminals, the sexual predators that rape and kill prostitutes and the pimps who effectively terrorize, control and live off of the misery of these individuals. (Lowman, 1998c:923)So if prostitutes are now the victims, then there must be a victimizer. From an outside perspective however, it appears that Canadian lawmakers understand that prostitution will take place regardless of what laws are in place, yet these same lawmakers take a stance that is abolitionist to avoid condemnation from a general public that views prostitutes as a scourge of human society.


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