fahrenheit 451

             Consider living in a society, as in the novel Fahrenheit 451, where everyone is deprived of many privileges that one might be used to in the American society, and then to discover that these two societies have many similarities. Ray Bradbury, a popular science fiction author of the mid 1900’s, creates a censored society in his novel. As the reader explores the people and practices of this absurd society he is forced to question the ideals and direction of his own personal American society. Although the American society may seem much more normal than the society in Fahrenheit 451, when one thinks about the negative issues of that society, many of them resemble the same negative issues we encounter. The reader discovers through the comparison of these two societies that the strong influence of technology, the negative affects of censorship, and the increasing use, popularity, and dependency of drugs are similar in both societies.
             In the Fahrenheit 451 society and the American society, technology is very advanced and important, and depending on how the
             societies use this advancement in some cases both societies can be affected in a negative way. In the novel, the character Mildred has a life that revolves around technology and it means everything to her. “ How long you figure before we get the fourth wall torn out and the fourth wall TV put in”(Bradbury 20)? This quote shows how important technology is to Mildred as well as her entire society. In our society as well, technology is becoming very advanced and important because, for instance, many of the successful
             jobs of today involve technology. In Fahrenheit 451, the people depend on TV for their sole source of information. TV is the center of their life and consumes most of their leisure time. This habit of watching TV is not a healthy life style for the character, Mildred. Mildred participates in a game where she communicates with the TV characters as if s...

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