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Affirmative Action

“Until civil rights laws were passed during the 1960’s, most African Americans faced blatant discrimination that was legally prescribed or permitted”(17), says Joe R. Feagin and Hernan Vera co-authors of White Racism. There was a time when racism took over people’s lives. However from the 1960’s until now, there has been a movement trying to stop discrimination. Affirmative action began in the 1970’s to overcome the past effects of discrimination. Some say affirmative action is the correct way to heal the past. Others feel the past cannot be changed and no matter what laws are made, people are still going to discriminate no matter who you are. In addition, Affirmative action tends to give an advantage to minorities who do not deserve it and discriminate against those who are more qualified. Racism is still a dominant force in our culture. Knowing affirmative action exists minorities may tend to not work so hard. They know they have a cushion that not everyone has to suc! ceed in life. Some argue that Affirmative action should be permitted. It allows minorities to experience different areas and learn about other cultures. For example, a young adult living in the worst part of the city can achieve a degree at a college in the best part of New York. Although it is a fair policy because it allows minorities who have been prevented in the past from getting certain jobs and entering educational institutes. Legally, affirmative action is the fair way to make up for the laws that prohibited blacks, women, and other minorities from having a decent life. Although there are many who agree with affirmative action many feel their points are not well made. We live in a culture now that has changed from the way it used to be. The tendency to acquire a new meaning for different religions, social groups, and cultures is acceptable. Different social groups can come together and it is acceptable. Although there are commu...

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