A remembered event

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It was after completion of four months training in social sciences when our teacher suggested we should climb Mountain Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) (19,340ft / 5895m), the second highest mountain in the world. I was 21 years old. I was happy, and I shared the idea with my parents. My dad didn’t like the suggestion. He thought I ‘m not strong enough to make it, and I might die on the way. I convinced him, telling him how important it was for me to be among the climbers because the mountain is in my place of birth i.e. in the region I was born, I wanted to experience the feeling of being at the highest point in Africa continent. After all these, my father allowed me to go. I imaged how I was going to pass through the mists of equatorial jungle to reach the snows and breath-taking views from the summit. On Monday May 13, 1996 we started this adventure through Marangu gate. When using this route (Marangu) there are three campsites (stops) before you reach the peak such as Mandara, Horombo, and Kibo Hut. We were twenty-three people in this group. Before leaving, we had an orientation on weather conditions, information on health due to altitude change, and how to handle an emergency. After the orientation, we officially started the ad Continue...

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My legs started swelling and I could not move from one place to another. We passed through attractive natural vegetation, tall trees, evergreen grasses, and rain forest. Through this zigzag way, we started climbing the steepest and the most demanding part, the route to Gilman's point (5,685meters). Moreover, I was among the very few people from Kilimanjaro region to climb the mountain. I smelled the fresh air from the green leaves. Nevertheless, I will never forget this adventure as I experienced breathing problems. He always calls and writes to thank me for what I did. He came to New York City where is finalizing his fourth year in science. Temperature was below zero degrees centigrade. After resting for two nights, we encountered a morning of gentle ascent and panoramic view. However, there are very few people from the region who have climbed it, despite that the mountain is in their own region and country. Soon after picture session at the peak, the descent was now upon us, we headed straight down to Horombo Hut, where we spent the night. After a long discussion he agreed with me, and went to school. It took us five hours to reach this point. The altitude began to make us tread slowly.


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