Foreign Travel

             Travelling is something everyone would like to experience from a very young age. We are introduced to other countries first by watching television programs held to inform us of different cultures, languages, food and sights other places have. Visiting countries other than your own is extremely interesting. Some travel on business, others to go on holiday. Students also travel to study, to take a post graduate course in a well-known University. Others travel to educate themselves, to learn more about the country they are visiting, places of interest, like art and history museums, to experience their culture.
             Foreign travel contributes to a person’s education. People acquire information and increase their knowledge. They also learn a new language. If they do not travel they become insular. It is important to savour other nation’s culture, experience first hand the way they live, cook and do things in everyday life. This fosters understanding and bridges the gap between nations. Nowadays we can experience traditional food of a particular country or countries which is cooked world wide. This is due to people traveling more often and learning how other countries specialize in their cooking traditions.
             Travelling gives perspective, helps the traveler to look at things with a different attitude. Comparison from one country to another can be made and a contrast is also developed. All this helps in self discovery and helps in expressing yourself more easily and makes you realize that other countries offer so much more than you can imagine.
             A great number of people travel for sports. Our island is limited in size and due to this sports lovers travel far a wider ranger of sports activities held world wide. Skiing holidays are organized several times a year. Our climate is too warm to practice such sport, so skiing abroad is a yearly destination for those who enjoy it. Golf is also a sports fro which people travel. Golf competitions

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