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When society thinks of philosophy, Plato’s name will come to mind almost immediately. As a whole we must remember that Plato had a teacher, a mentor, someone to guide his journey into changing history for the better. Plato’s teacher forced people to call everything into question using moral values. This man bears the name of Socrates. Born in Athens, Greece in 469 B.C. Socrates grew up with average boys’ life. Socrates received a regular elementary education in literature, music and gymnastics. As Socrates grew older he became familiar with the rhetoric and dialectics of the Sophists. Socrates later served as an infantryman in the Peloponnesian War. Even being a proven war fighter, Socrates true love was engaging in dialogue and argument with anyone who would listen or submit to interrogation. One of Socrates best known “verbal battles” was with a young man named Eythyphro. During this historic dialogue, Socrates presents the question “what is the definition of piety?” (moral duty). Every answer given by the young man was subjected to Socrates’ critical thinking until nothing Euthyphro says remains certain.. Socrates did not engage in the debates to prove his worth or just win an argument. His goal Continue...

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New York; Penquin USA, 1993WORK CITEDKemerling, Garth. To except life as it already is would be considered a disgrace. Socrates was quoted as saying, "The unexamined life is not worth living. USA: Encarta Encyclopedia 2000, 1993-1996Perry, Marvin, Myra Chase, James R. USA: Encarta Encyclopedia 2000, 1993-1996Perry, Marvin, Myra Chase, James R. Socrates had a gift that he was willing to share with the young people of early Athenian society. (Apology38a) Exile or silence is already a death penalty to Socrates. Socrates willingness to teach and enlighten was what eventually led to his downfall. He had knowledge of his own ignorance. New York; Penquin USA, 1993. The people of Athens could not possibly expect him to take life at face value.


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