William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare could possibly be the greatest literary artist ever. His poetry, however, stands out from any other form of literature. “We remember Shakespeare as the pillar of our literary education, and we approach his works with a sense of public-spirited devotion”(Charney, Viii). This is a very strong statement for Charney to make, but there are many other people who have the same thoughts about Shakespeare. When William Shakespeare wrote his Sonnet 45, he had the love of his life on his mind. He explains the temptations he feels when she is present, but he still knows what is right and wrong. He feels that when she is not with him, his life is more like death, and he feels melancholy. He will not be happy again until she returns to him. However, wh Continue...

It follows the traditional 4-4-4-2 structure, as does every other Shakespearean sonnet. William Shakespeare"tms Sonnet 45 is no different than any other Shakespearean sonnet. Shakespeare"tms Sonnet 45 is a prime example of extraordinary poetry. Poetry names writing that gives concentrated imaginative utterance to experience, in words so chosen and arranged that they create an intense emotional response, through the union of theme, language, sound and rhythm ("Poetry" 22: 277). Then in the final couplet there is somewhat of a conclusion or answer to the problems of William Shakespeare. en she does come back, he just sends her away again, knowing that she will be happier with someone else. This being told, he will be eternally sad. In the sonnet, he writes about how the good and evil consciences are only there when he wants them to be when he says, "These present-absent with swift motion slide. " In this line, he refers to angels coming from the love of his life and return to him. Throughout the sonnet, Shakespeare gives the image of his conscienc guiding him through his pain and suffering. " He also uses imagery when he writes "By those sweet messengers return from thee.