"Something there is that doesn't love a wall"

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“Something There is That Doesn’t Love a Wall” People throughout the world have various opinions in regard to the use of fences. Some people believe that fences are necessary, while others believe that they are nothing more than a means of separation between people. All through Robert Frost’s poem “Mending Wall,” the speaker hints at several reasons why he does not agree with his neighbor that “good fences makes good neighbors” (27, 45). Frost creates a distinct persona with a distinct opinion about fences through his use of symbolism, imagery and figures of speech. The speaker’s feelings toward the wall are not like that of his neighbor’s. He does not see it as something that is loved saying twice in the poem, “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall” (1, 35). The speaker does not understand the need for the wall. He is convinced that there isn’t a logical reason as to the why the wall must remain standing. The speaker’s dislike for the wall is revealed when he says, “There where it is we do not need a wall! ” (23). The symbol that “Mending Wall” depends most upon is the wall itself. The wall takes on two different meanings in the poem. The first is a literal meaning. Th Continue...

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The title "Mending Wall" relates to the poem because at mending time, the wall is what causes to the two men to come together; yet in the end, the wall is also what causes the men to be pushed away from one another. If the wall has gaps big enough for two men to pass through together, then they should do just that and walk through side-by-side. The speaker still goes along with the annual routine of mending the wall. The speaker is the person who initiates the repairing of the wall yet he the one who wishes it was taken down. According to the American Heritage dictionary, to mend !means, "to make repairs or restoration; fix" (521) Mending something brings pieces of something together. No harm would be done to either of the men if the wall were taken down. The neighbor does not appear to have any reasons why he wants the wall to remain as it is other than !wanting to follow in his father"tms footsteps. The speaker thinks of things that he could say to his neighbor. Even though the two men meet once a year to mend the wall, they remain on their own side. The fact that the two neighbors meet every spring to mend the wall, yet do not cross the barrier to meet on common ground, is an example of how people can appear to integrate with one another while still maintaining their own invisible barriers. (19) The first line of the poem states that there is something in nature "that doesn"tmt love a wall" (1). The two terms have opposite meanings. Dogs"tm are intended to hunt rabbits and that means tearing the wall down every spring. The speaker questions himself about the purpose of walls asking, "Why do they make good neighbors Isn"tmt it where there are cows But here there are no cows" (30-31). The speaker doesn"tmt understand why his neighbor insists on keeping the wall.


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