My Mother Huge Impact on my Life

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The person that has had the greatest impact on my life really doesn’t lead that great of a life herself. The person that has had the greatest impact on my life isn’t rich or famous or has invented something that could change the world. This person just goes to work day in and day out to support her children all by herself. I knew this person would always be the huge impact in my life even when I was just seven years old and this person was taking me to ballet class and swearing to any and everyone who would listen that her kid was going to be rich and famous so they better take a picture of me and get my autograph now because when I am famous I will be too important to remember them. Even then this person believed in me even if I wasn’t that great of a ballet dancer. The person that has made the greatest impact on me is my mother and it’s not the examples she sets for me that makes her the greatest impact on my life but the lessons she begs me to listen to after her mistakes that make her the greatest impact on my life. It was after one of the many huge fights wi Continue...

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The second lesson that has had a huge impact on me courtesy of my mother was right after my parents divorced and my mother for once in her life was stuck with not one but all the bills. th my father that my mother sat me down and begged me to listen to her. With that my mother signed my report card and I ran upstairs to do my homework because I wanted to pass all my classes and earn A's not for my mother but for my future because I was going to be that somebody my mother spoke so highly of. Little did they know we were not only living on "Top Raman but residing in a neighborhood where it was mandatory to be home at six or else you could be shot. I not only wipe my tears but I crack open a book and review what I missed so I am sure to pass with flying colors next time because the impact of my mothers words that she preached to me when I was twelve years of age is still just as strong now that I am almost twenty years of age. So every time I am down on the world or myself I think of my mother and ask myself "what would my mother do My mothers huge impact I believe is reflected on me because her impact and grace inspired me to not only set great goals but achieve those great goals because of her impact which is why my mother was and still is the hugest impact on my life. I can remember my mother eyes filled with leftover tears from her fight with my father and I can remember her words even more, "Shawna you have to promise me you will do better not for me but for you so you can make yourself somebody for yourself and your future and the next time you fail just remember you are not only failing yourself but you are failing your future. It was exactly right after I gave her one of my bad report cards. My mother through all the restring orders and second notices from collection agencies stayed positive and when I asked my mother "why she said "We don't need others to pity us because we are stronger than pity and at the end of the day pity is just others kind words and other's kind words won't make our bills go away so we might as well stay positive and work hard. That impact alone still gets me through my life of today because when I fail a test and start to cry I stop and remember my mothers words of "pity won't get you anywhere. But the thing was my mother never let on that we were poor because she held on to her positive outlook with a smile and wave and let the world believe she was o. My mother is not only the only hugest impact of on my life but the most steady which means more to me than any lesson she could ever preach to me.


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