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There are so many types of people in our society. For example, courageous, wise, stubborn, and foolish; Some of the characteristics of a poor thinking are acting stupid, having wrong assumption and having brainless attitude, so one can say that a foolish person is a person who dose not have the right knowledge and is not smart enough to make the right judgment. For example, my cousin who has always acted foolish several time in her life. She is old and has lived her entire life showing wrong opinion about others. She has made so many irrational mistakes that no one has an account. Moreover, she always asked silly Continue...

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One day my cousin was driving down a foggy, semi rural road on the outskirt of Lake Forest, CA. According to my view, sometimes people do think foolishly but, they should try hard to become smart and don"tmt make the same mistake again. She never thinks smart and always been that way from childhood. questions and acted during her life. This thoughtless question made the whole class laugh and made her embarrassed. Even though it was not her drive way, instead of apologizing she answered him stupidly. This brainless attitude of her shows that she can"tmt think smartly and she has no idea what she has been doing. One day in her history class her teacher was teaching about how slaves In Alaska were treated and how they were tortured. Suddenly she jams on her breaks and comes to what appears to be a full stop and turns suddenly into driveway to the left. Suddenly my cousin raised her hand and asked a question to the teacher that, were there any slaves in Alaska. The driver of the wrecked car shakes off his pain exits the damaged vehicle, and shouts, "what the hell are you doing, lady, you caused a wreck. " Reply sweetly to the man she said, "Young man Don"tmt be rude. In brief, my cousin has always been foolish and will stay foolish because she never make an effort of thinking smartly. 2 In addition to that, my cousin has always been embarrassed by asking stupid questions when she was in school.


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