Logic is Not Practical

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LOGIC IS NOT PRACTICAL Who needs logic? Logic is but an entrapment – a false sense of security to let us rest easy at night. Countless numbers take solace in the world in which we live, a world we know virtually nothing about, by forcing themselves to believe that if something is intangible, or unimaginable, it is impossible. The Spanish told Christopher Columbus in 1492 that he was setting sail on suicide mission when he discovered North America. Logic had told them, from the beginning of time, that the world was flat. Of course it is, at least as far as the eye can see. But in this case, and in many others too numerous to mention, there is so much beyond what the eye can see. A modern-time example would be the mass suicide of 39 Heavens’ Gate cult members. They reportedly timed their suicides to correlate with the passing of the comet named Hale-Bopp. They supposedly believed that their spirits were going to rendezvous with a UFO that was enveloped by Hale-Bopp’s tail. How preposterous! What an obtuse noti Continue...

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However, these facts make him no less real. As a whole, we are a nation built on Christian beliefs - "One Nation Under God. I feel that this is proof that there are stronger powers working out there. I believe there are angels among us every day, in everything we do. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. Who knows what may unfold in the future Practically every day logic is disproved. Sara had never been squeezed so hard. Little Sara McCloud shares my belief. The nice elderly woman was technically a stranger to her, but Sara agreed to let the woman walk her home. When she stepped onto her front porch, Sara's distraught mother clutched her tightly in her arms. Who are we to second-guess someone else's actions Our culture is quick to shoot down ideas that cannot be backed up by logic. on! I am sure these are the same feelings expressed by the Spanish in the 1400's. A wise teacher once told me that is "OK to be ignorant, it is not OK to be proud of being ignorant.


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