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The ideal college lifestyle dissipates quickly once the reality is reached. Many young adults imagine vivid pictures of what college might be like for them. However, once these young adults mature into independent men and women, and enter into the school of their choice, they soon realize the reality of the college lifestyle. They must learn to adapt to their new surroundings as quickly as possible to accomplish the sought after degrees. Students come to the realization that life is not as easy as they might hope for. Many young adults seem to believe that college life is filled with parties and typically a laid-back lifestyle. These students believe that, much like high school, classes will be taken during the day and filled with all their friends. They imagine a lifestyle with no other worries besides an occasional essay or lab. It is often said that college is the greatest time of one’s life; many high school students believe this and look forward to it. Some enjoy the idea Continue...

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These reasons provide support to the unusually low grades of first-year college students. The widespread college ideal lifestyle is seldom the reality. Although the average college age might be near 20 years old, it can range from 18 to 40 years old or older. Tutoring and group help sessions are usually a necessity when trying to maintain an A average. The inexperienced mind of a young adult can often play tricks on that person. A new student must adapt quickly if he or she wishes to succeed. The dreams of going to class late and leaving early vanish after the first day of class. of being able to come to class late, leave when they want, and pretty much have say-so of their own lives now that their parents are out of the picture. They learn that in order to succeed, they must be able to interact with their teachers and their school. The majority of college freshmen enter into school picturing an easy, fun-filled ride. The reality of college slowly sinks in, and adapting to these new situations is the hardest part. It usually takes first-year college students their entire freshman year to get in sync with their new lifestyle. The "no-worries" lifestyle the student pictured fades quickly when he or she is faced with incredibly la!rge amounts of homework, 200-point tests and labs, tuition bills, and all the other daily problems associated with college. Adapting to the reality of college is not an easy task. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliographynone.


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