Chinese Women and Attire

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Lara Allasia Women and Family in Chinese Society: East 2165 Dr. Davina Delia "Correct attire was regarded as the ultimate expression of Chinese culture and identity, differentiating them from 'inferior' foreign neighbors while making social and gender distinctions within their society. The clothing of bodies had specific cultural meaning, with properly attired bodies reflecting order and control and unadorned bodies and feet serving as visible signs of disorder and dangerous nonconformity with the individual risking association to barbarian outsiders." (Goody 1990: 49) Table of Contents · The Principal Dynasties of China Page 3 · Qing Dynasty and Manchurians 5 · The Sam 6 · Footbinding 7 · Fabrics 10 · The Qipao and Cheongsam 13 · Mao Zedong and The People's Republic of China 15 · Post Mao, The Reform Era 16 · Conclusion 23 · Bibliography 24 The Principal Dynasties of China Xia 1875 - 1550 BC Shang 1550 - 1050 BC Zhou 1050 - 256 BC Qin 221 - 206 BC Han 206 - 220 AD Three Kingdoms 220 - 265 Period of Disunion 265 - 589 Sui 589 - 618 Tang 618 - 907 Song 960 - 1279 Yuan 1279 - 136 Continue...

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Women became an integral part of the new China because all citizens were expected to work and contribute to the country and its identity. Women's roles in society changed according to the political times, which has also stimulated and influenced clothing and styles, and what was acceptable or not. The sam fu, a common Chinese outfit, was effected by the lengths of woven cloth used as well as reflecting Manchurian characteristics. Davina, Delia, Women-Work: Women and the Party Revolutionary China. There are various folk tales concerning the origin of foot binding. Hemp and cotton were fabrics of the poorer people, while silk was used mainly by the richer upper class, though many people may have had one piece of clothing in silk for special occasions. It is the axis of good and evil; the principle of life and death; the control between order and anarchy, the distinction between civilized and wild beings. 'I do this because I love you,' her mother replied. Items missing may be one or the other but never both of the following: page numbers are missing from quotes or the full details of a book may be missing, like for Jaschok, and for the quote from the World Wide Web, I cannot find the address of the one page that I quoted from. Hemp was used during the summer as it resembled linen and was cooling during the hot summer days. There are around eight different varieties of silk, but the most popular amongst the working class was black gummed silk (lak gow Chou.