Analysis of The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne

             Analysis of " The Birthmark " by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
             Aylmer is a scientist devoted to his studies and his job until he marries Georgiana.
             Georgiana's birthmark symbolizes Aylmer's insecurities and his need for everything to be
             Georgiana has a small, almost red colored birthmark on her right cheek. Its shape
             resembles that of a small hand. It seems that Aylmer really doesn't think much of this birthmark
             until him and Georgiana are married. Aylmer brings up the topic of the birthmark, and removing
             it, many times with Georgiana. Although Georgiana did not want to hear of it, because the man
             she married is supposed to love her even with her flaws, she listened to what he had to say. For
             a while after that they didn't speak of it, but by the way Aylmer looked at his wife, she knew that
             this birthmark on her cheek made him disgusted. Aylmer even selected that Georgiana's
             birthmark was the "symbol of his wife's liability to sin, sorrow, decay, and death."
             There was one day that Georgiana began talking of the birthmark to her husband. She
             told him that he should do whatever it takes to remove the birthmark from her cheek. Georgiana
             had grown in fear of her husband's look towards her, and she shuddered whenever he did glance
             at her. Aylmer now only looked at Georgiana's birthmark when looking at her face. He no longer
             recognized the beauty and elegance of the woman he married. Georgiana knew that this was the
             only way to satisfy her husband, and for her to live her life happily once again, she must get rid
             of the object of her husband's horror and disgust.
             I think that this birthmark symbolizes all of Aylmer's insecurities. The way he looks at his
             'once beautiful' wife in disgust and resentment, is not of love anymore. His constant talks of
             removing it is similar to him removing anything ugly in his life. He is willing to do whatever

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