Integrated Pest Management

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Integrated Pest Management As stated in Controlling Turfgrass Pests, “Integrated pest management (IPM) is both a concept and a philosophy. It is a broad, multidisciplinary, systematic approach to controlling all pests. All types of control methods (biological, cultural, regulatory, physical, and chemical) are utilized. Use of IPM strategies should result in effective and economical suppression of pests with a minimum effect on nontarget organisms and the environment. IPM is based on understanding the biology and ecology of the turfgrass plant or community to be protected and the pests to be controlled” (Shurtleff et al. 361). Now you have a definition for integrated pest management. How would you go about setting up this program? The truth is, you wouldn’t be able to. If you didn’t already know what IPM is, you would not have the knowledge in this field to succeed. Continue...

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The amount of money lost, because of disgruntled golfers, far exceeds the amount of money spent to take care of the pests. Whether you do this yourself, or send someone else to do it, it has to be done frequently. Dealing with the pests is the main focus. As you can imagine, this step deals with money. Translated in English, a pest is anything that harms your stand of grass in any way that is undesirable to you. In this situation, not much damage can be tolerated. You'll still need to monitor the other areas as well. While all of these have their own role when used properly, "the primary objective is to reduce pesticide use, states Robert Emmons in the second edition of Turfgrass Science and Management (339). Then you'll be one up on all of the pests you come across. If you have pests in one area of your yard, ex. This allows him to keep a constant eye on the pest activity. Education is the key to a successful IPM program. Now that you know what a pest is, you can start to get an idea just how in depth IPM can be. With an educated evaluation of all the previous steps, you should have the knowledge to extinguish the pests.


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