does rap have negative effects on children

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Should Music be Censored? Music has changed a lot throughout the course of about a decade. Everything from the sounds of the music, to the styles of the members in the bands has gone through many different fads. Lyricists have found new and unusual ways of making music their own style, and some of those ways have been labeled as controversial. One kind of music that has gotten unfairly labeled as controversial is rap/hip-hop music. The artists who write the music are often labeled as bad people, and also as being detrimental to young listeners. Lately, debate over the content and impact of entertainment has bubbled over into the mainstream as journalists and politicians state what many families have believed for a while: music effects children (Smithouser, 2000, p.3). Music alone however, is not responsible for the negative impacts that it is blamed for today. Environmental factors, in addition to the controversial lyrics, may have a slight effect on how a child acts. In doing research, many critics of rap and hip-hop are of certain ethnic backgrounds. One group that is very involved in the fight against rappers, specifically Eminem, is gay and lesbian clubs. Eminem’s use of the word “faggot” is criticized the m Continue...

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We live in a society where when something negative takes place, the parents look to a scapegoat so that they aren't blamed. Eminem admits that he does things because he thinks that what he says will shock people, and by doing this, people buy his records not because they are considered to be good albums, but to see what he is going to say next. They also argue that Marshall Mathers is a "horror show of self-loathing and other-loathing theater, a sick joke that Eminem's fans are on (Kim pg. Faggot to me just means taking away your manhood. There are many different outlooks on the music of artists such as Eminem. Is Anti-Hate Campaign Contradictory to MTV. Eminem can be viewed as a threat to non-disciplined children and adolescents because of ethnic reasons as well. The environment a child grows up in effects the way the child will react to violent lyrics. The dialogue between the critics and fans of Eminem has been confusing. This concept was best explained in Smithouser's article (2001) when he quotes Lisa Schwarzbaum as stating, "If we don't exercise our right to criticize Eminem's l!yrics...then we have no one to blame but ourselves(pg.


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