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The main purpose of this research paper is to study the political structure and civil service of Germany. This paper consists of the introduction, the main body, the conclusion, and the reference list. The main body consists of two parts. The first part will be devoted to the political structure of Germany. It will discuss the division of Germany, its unification, parliament, Germany before and after democracy. The second part will discuss the reforms in the civil service of 2000 as compared to that of 1950s. So, this paper mainly illustrates the benefits of German political structure and public administration after democracy. Germany has always attracted the whole world’s attention for its historical experience, which strongly differs from that of other European countries. German history has represented itself as a difficult and protracted process of nation building. German people have been engaged in perpetual search of national state. Since the 1871, when Otto von Bismarck established a unified Second German Empire, the territory of Germany started its authoritarian development. Political power was centralized around the monarch (Kaiser). Social Democrats as an opposition were rather weak to resist the monarchy. Citizens’ role was to be a law-abiding subject. Both failures of leadership and the blindly obedient public led Germany into World War I (1914-1918). The government of the Empire collapsed, because of the inability to govern anymore. After the War, in 1919 Constitutional assembly established a new democratic system of Weimar Republic. Voting rights were given to citizens and their rights were protected by the Constitutional guarantees. The political power started to be exercised by directly elected parliament and president. But the Weimar Republic was accompanied by serious problems, which resulted into the economical catastrophe in 1923, for which the Weimar Republic was blamed not the Kaiser. All this was fol...

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