Biography Of Albert Einstein

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A German-born American physicist and Nobel laureate, best known as the creator of the special and general theories of relativity and for his hypothesis with the “particle nature of light“. He is said, to be the most well known scientist of the 20th century. Einstein was born in Ulm on March 14, 1879, and spent his childhood in a city called Munich, where his parents owned a shop that made electric machinery. He did not talk until the age of three, but even Continue...

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as a kid he showed a curiosity about nature and his ability to understand difficult math concepts. Einstein once said, "God," "does not play dice with the world. Einstein also hated the methods of teaching there. At the age of 12 he taught himself Euclidean geometry. For two years Einstein worked as a tutor and substitute teacher. His professors did not think highly of him and wouldn't recommend him for a university position. In 1902 he got a position as an examiner in the Swiss patent office in Bern. He passed his exams and graduated in the class of 1900 by studying notes of a classmate. When bankruptcy led the family to leave Germany for Milan a Itailian city, He later spent a year with his parents in Milan, soon he finished secondary school in Arrau, when Einstein was 15 years old, he dropped out of Milan public schools to join the SwitzeSwiss National Polytechnic in Zurich. Einstein hated the dull school schedule of school in Munich. " World Count 310 ------------------------------------------------------------------------BibliographyNone. In 1903 he married Mileva Mari, who had been his classmate at the polytehnic. He often cut classes and used the time to study physics on his own or to play violin.