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Starting at the age 14, I have seen my Aunt Carmen act strangely. To start, she is handicapped. I always thought that maybe she was talking to her self because of her disorder. One day my mother suggested that my Aunt and my Grandma should come and live with us. We were all hesitant, meaning my sisters and I, because we never understood my Aunt. She always seemed “weird” when we were near her. My Grandma decided to move in with my Aunt. Since we were a room short, I offered for my Aunt to sleep in my room until my Dad was able to build another room for them. After about two months or so, my Aunt started to claim she saw witches and that they were going to kill her. She would scream and cry, telling us that the witches were flying over her head. We all wondered why she was making up such silly stories. We always suggested that we should take her to see a doctor, but my Grandma always made excuses for her. Till one day, my family and I were sitting in my living room ! and my aunt was in my room and we heard a loud crashing noise with a lot of glass breakage. We all ran Continue...

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Also stated, is that schizophrenia crosses all socioeconomic, cultural and racial boundaries (Vol. A large variety of genetic diseases are associated with diminished IQ as well as other behavioral abnormalities. Myers claimed that the cause of schizophrenia is heavily linked with brain abnormalities and genetic predispositions. She was dancing around naked and her excuse was that the witches made her do it. Mental retardation is not a characteristic of aberrations in the number of sex chromosomes, and, in general, only minor behavioral abnormalities are associated with slow language development, reading difficulties, and general immaturity (Vol. According to the encyclopedia, one symptom common to all types, although at times only minimally present and difficult to detect, is a disorder of thought characterized by impairment in the use of abstract concepts and a withdrawal into a concrete frame of reference (Vol. In researching this disorder I hope I could help other people with this disorder to better understand their actions. Myers stated that millions of people around the world do talk strangely, suffer delusions, hear nonexistent voices, see things that are not there, laugh or cry at inappropriate times, or withdraw into private imaginary worlds.


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