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On February 26, 2000 A Norwegian whaling vessel was destroyed in an explosion that sent it to the bottom of the harbor in 30 minutes. (Begley 1) Paul Watson, "a self styled eco-warrior," is assumed responsible for this and many other assaults on whaling vessels in several European Countries. He has been known to ram fishing vessels, cut drift nets, and engage in other radical activities to make commercial whaling as difficult as possible and has plans to stop the Makah Indian tribes first whale hunt in about 50 years and he is not alone in his effort. (Satchell 1) The Makah, an Indian tribe living on the northwest coast of the United States in Washington, plan on exercising there right under aboriginal hunting to hunt a Grey whale off the coast during mating migration to the north. But they will not be meet without some resistance. not only will there be local protest but international organizations will be there to do what the can to help out there underwater friends. In the 1920’s the tribe stopped hunting whales because of the massive shortage due to commercial whaling. Now at the turn of the century the tribe is ready to continue its past tradition. (Satchell 1) These Examples give some of the information needed to s Continue...

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It is the only one in eastern Europe that has decided to continue despite strong disapproval and threats to discontinue trade with those countries that did not abide by the moratorium, but is allowed to get away with it because they disagreed when the ban when it was first made. In the 1860's a Norwegian whaler named Sven Foyn invested in a harpoon gun that shot a lance tipped with a time delayed bomb which explodes inside the whale killing it quicker than traditional harpooning. (Halt to Whaling 1)This topic is one of much controversy. It has been going on for over 60 years and has involved almost every nation it the world. Although since the IWC (International whaling Commission) issued a worldwide moratorium on whaling in 1987. These differences in opinion have caused many controversies in international meetings and all out acts of violence on people and property. The Makah have been living on the shores of present day Washington forever says an elder consol woman. (Satchell 1)Earlier whaling vessels were Probably small row boats launched from the shore whenever whales were seen early American vessels were ships of 30 to 40 tons but gradually schooners and brigs of 100 to 150 tons were added to the commercial whaling fleet. (Schults 2)The Makah, an Indian tribe living on the northwest coast of the U. If this topic is ever to be resolved people must get educated on what is what. (Satchell 1)Most present day European nations have joined the effort to stop the war on whales but a few are sticking with there traditions. A study conducted in the 1960's gave all the information the IWC needed to see that a world wide ban on hunting whales was needed unless for scientific, aboriginal, or sustenance purposes. (Begaly 2) Although Norway is not the only country in Europe that had a tradition of whaling. The activity of whaling has been documented in records from Neolithic Wall painting to present day annual reports from the IWC (International Whaling Commission). (Robbins 1)Although most countries did come to the finale conclusion to stop whaling.


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