It is often asked whether it is right for human beings to manipulate human genes, as if this were in some sense "playing God" by altering fundamental aspects of human makeup (and also that of plants and animals) which are God's business only, or simply that it is dangerous "tampering with nature" in a way which we have neither the right nor the skill to do? If science is therefore a proper human activity, and if technology today is a practical application, then it seems arbitrary to draw a line at the level of genetics, rather than, say, chemistry, nuclear physics or, pharmacology, radiation therapy or surgery. Some would go further and say that as a matter of very principal, technology can and must never be limited.
             Science, and the power to create new technologies and advancements is an expression of God's gift of human creativity. Genetics also provides better research capabilities for finding cures to many diseases. As well genetics can help out people who can not have children, for instance, couples who are infertile, or have genetic disorders, could use cloning to produce a child. Equally important, women who are single could have a child using cloning instead of in-vitro fertilization. There are endless possibilities here genetics could also provide children who need organ transplants to have a clone born to donate organs. Cloning could also provide a copy of a child for a couple whose child had died.
             Religious groups claim that cloning defies the rule or their belief that humans have souls. They also consider cloning unnatural, and say we are taking the work of God into our own hands. People question when we will draw the line for getting involved in natural events. There is also a debate saying a couple would not receive clones with such excitement as a child of a couple who conceived naturally. They say cloning would deprive someone to have any perception of uniqueness. People also wonder what mental an

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