Impact of Slavery on Southern Economy

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Slavery had a tremendous impact on all aspects of the South from 1810 to 1860. The effects of which can still be seen today in states like South Carolina and Georgia. In these years, Slavery was what kept the South alive and at the same time, gradually aided in its demise. The limited diversity of the Southern Economy and the slaves led to the fall of the Southern economy. Slavery had an extensive impact on the economy of the Southern States. Because there was essentially only one main crop that the South produced, they were bound to the North. The economy evolved around cotton industry. Continue...

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The slaves were freed and the economy changed but the institution of slavery definitely left a scar on the economy of the South. They were the major investment in the South. The biggest part of the cotton industry was the slaves. Without them, the work could not have been done profitably. Because of this, there was no circulation of capital in the South. The poor whites did not see their hardships as bad because they thought, "Hey, at least were not slaves. The only markets in the South were the plantation owners. Slaves proved to be the backbone of the economy. The slaves were obviously at the bottom but the next classes up were not much better off. This also relates to the effect of the social structure at this time in the South. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. Because of slavery, there was no immigration into the Southern States. In the upper South, slave numbers were much smaller and they were usually members of families. Even then, they did not buy goods from the South or North because of the low prices they got in England and the low shipping cost because items were shipped on their own returning vessels. However, at the same time they were drastically hurting the economy by limiting it.


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