A cold winter morning

             I am lying on a white, sandy beach with the blazing sun beating down directly on my bronzed summer body. I notice the attractive, Puerto Rican Cabana boy heading over to refill my newly empty Margarita glass. I look around my private beach and at the crystal clear, sparkling ocean water inviting me warmly in to its open arms. I get up from my comfortable bed on the sand, walking slowly to the water. The sand is burning my bare feet with such intensity that I speed my walk up almost into a jog. As I reach the waterfront I stop, as a tumbling wave is heading toward my glazing body; I step closer to be in its direct path. I glide in with such grace, I prepare myself for the cool, refreshing bath. I hear a siren screaming, I look around in a panic as it is hurting my ears and giving me an intense headache. My beach is drifting away, then it is gone. The warmth my body feels is gone.
             I open my eyes; I am in my dark, lifeless room. My alarm clock is going off and the sound can only be compared with dragging your fingernails across a chalkboard. I turn it off. My sunny beach has been push out of my thoughts and replaced with a chill that penetrates straight to the bone. I would pay one hundred dollars to just get five more minutes of sleep. I think of all I have to do this wintry day, it is too much for me and I shut my eyes. I hold my self tighter in my make shift cocoon of blankets. I come to the conclusion that I have no choice. I throw off my down comforter; the air around me is arctic cold and bites away, sucking all the warmth from my weak body. My bare feet hit the wood floor feeling as if I am walking on an ice rink; I head to the bathroom. I look for my slippers and rope, hoping to find some way to protect my delicate body from the frosty air dancing around me.
             I pull on my robe and step into my slippers. My house is dark and asleep, as I wish I were. I move slowly not to over work my groggy, half asleep join

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