Miss Brill Essay - Loneliness

             A person who doesn't have any significant others in his/her life may create an alternate reality to make up for what they don't have. If Miss Brill realizes that what she believes isn't reality, she can become broken and emotionally devistated. Through point of view, representation, and symbolism, Mansfield is able to easily and clearly show how this happens to Miss Brill.
             One way in which Mansfield tries to exemplify the distinction of reality and Miss Brill's altered reality is through point of view.
             The story is told in third person limited omniscient which helps give the reader a clear point of distinction between what is happening versus what Miss Brill views it as.
             She views the entire park as a stage and herself an actress. This method of looking at things seems to give Miss Brill a sense of being needed or wanted. She actually looks down on the other people at the park as if they were less than what she is.
             While looking at the different people in the park Miss Brill overhears a conversation where a couple is talking about her and how funny she and the fur look. The man in the couple says: " "Why does she come here at all-who wants her? Why doesn't she keep her silly mug at home?" "It's her fu-fur which is so funny"
             (82). Until now, nothing has contradicted any of the things that Miss Brill has thought
             about herself. Now, however, there is a clear comprehension of what reality is because of the point of view from which the story is told from. In the example of the young couple, a dramatic change occurs in the way Miss Brill acts. She suddenly realizes that she has been creating all of these things in her mind. The realization emotionally destroys her and she quickly goes home and cries. By using a limited omniscient narrator to tell the story, the reader gets a clear sense of how a person can perceive life differently to help them cope with their age and loneliness.

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