Teenage Pregnancy

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Research Paper Second Chance March 12,2001 Teenage Pregnancy Each year more than one million teenagers become pregnant between the ages of 15-19. In 1990 a study was taken and was found that, the rate of teen pregnancy was 74% for every 1000 teens, 45% results in conceived babies, 27% results in abortion, 28% in miscarriage. By the age 19, 8% will be white teen pregnancy, 19% will be black teen pregnancy, 13% will be Hispanics. It is a known fact that the United States has the highest pregnancy rate in the western part of the world in 1988 13% of all babies were born out of wedlock. Of 12554 babies, 62% were born to teenager's 15yrs and younger. Teens with only one baby are less likely to have another and studies done by the National Center for Health statistics records that the teen birth rate has been falling steadily since 1991 6% for first birth babies, and the rate of second birth has fallen to 21%. The majority of teens will have problems staying in school to get there education, and most likely to have babies with developmental delay in their growth. A studying done by centers for disease control and prevention shows that abstinence is the only effective way to prevent teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseas Continue...

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