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Introduction Primary sources are very important in the aid of research. They give us first hand accounts of historical events, whether as an actual participant, witness or simply an historian of the time. Primary resources I used for this paper are the writings of Plutarch and Dio Cassius. There are no primary resources that directly document Cleopatra’s life. While Plutarch and Dio Cassius lived about 200 years after her death, they are the closest resources that give any information about her. Granted the information is given in relation to her affect upon Julius Caesar and Mark Antony’s lives, but it does offer us insight to her personality and character. I would like to note at this time that Plutarch seems to have a more objective viewpoint where she is concerned than that of Dio Cassius. Dio Cassius seems to have a generally sour opinion of her and seems to blame her for the downfall of Caesar and Antony. Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt In the winter of 68 BCE, the famous Cleopatra VII was born into a world of royal corruption and intrigue. She learned early the manipulative methods of survival. She was taught in the pharaonic tradition of her ancestors to rule with their “brother-husbands.”1 Continue...

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Dio Cassius again questions the paternity of Cleopatra8217;s children. 8221;10Antony returned to Rome and Fulvia died. In those few months, Caesar learned of a plot against him. Antony8217;s will was found and used against him. She had her servants dress and prepare her, then killed herself. , Plutarch: Selected Lives and Essays, vol. She was thoroughly educated in Greek literature such as those written by Homer and Hesiod, as well as the works of Euripides. There she met him and he was 8220;captivated8230;by this wanton scheme and then was further enslaved by her charm of society.


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