Third World Development and Gender

             The issue of third world development has been around for a long time. The debates are usually about what has hindered the development of third world countries, but there is evidence that the development of the third world has hindered the development of gender equalities in those countries.
             Gender has been one of the main focuses in third world development. When referring to gender we usually think of male and female, but in fact gender deals with the social roles that the people are born into. We are born into our biological sex but the way in which we become masculine or feminine are a combination of our biology and the interpretation of our biology by our culture and the social class that we are born into. Once we are born we are already set into our gender roles without a choice, although we tend to believe that we a large degree of freedom in which we can choose who we want to be. Our gender affects our appearance (masculine or feminine), the way we dress (skirt, pants, ...), attitudes (arrogant, snobby, ...), personalities (friendly, self-centred, ...) and other behaviours.
             This explains why we will analyse gender development not women development, because not all the women in the world has the same interest and discussing it as a single issue would not be logical. By discussing gender development we can see the different needs and interests of women and look for solutions to resolve some of the common problems that hinders this development .
             This essay will analyse the two main issues in which third world development has hindered the development of women’s gender needs and interests in these countries. The first issue will analyse how capitalism has hindered the development of gender classes. The second issue will be analysing how the lack of recognition of the reproductive and productive role that woman takes within the household is effected by the development of the Third World.
             This is how the developed coun...

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