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Katz 1 Lauren Katz Honors English 10 Mrs.Schweitzer December 2000 THE AIDS OUTBREAK Who would have ever thought that a disease, possibly brought to America by infected African monkeys, would affect the country forever? This is exactly what happened in the late nineteenth century when the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) was introduced to America. The unpredictable epidemic caused a huge outrage for years to come. The outbreak of the HIV virus, AIDS, in the early 1980’s resulted in medical research, public misconceptions, and ultimately growing awareness. Appearing first only in homosexual men, AIDS was an unfamiliar virus to the entire United States. Reports of unknown and unexplainable symptoms caused much confusion among patients and even doctors. In 1981, the first reports explained that 41 homosexual men in the San Fransisco area had “...a rare and often rapidly fatal form of cancer” (Altman n.p.). After years of researching these cases and millions of others appearing later in the decade, scientists discovered that it was not cancer they were dealing with. They called it HIV (Human Immune Virus) which leads to AIDS (Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome) that “...progressively destroys th Continue...

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    .... AIDS is the most serious in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Swaziland. .... and trying their best to do what they can in terms of keeping the outbreak in control. .... (2028 8 )

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    .... from the Atlantic maritime provinces of Canada, in this outbreak L.monocytogenes .... or those who have immunosuppressive diseases such As AIDS, have increased .... (768 3 )

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    .... Since the AIDS outbreak, more than 20 million people have died from AIDS. However it has affected many more people than it has killed. .... (2723 11 )

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    .... who consumes a part of the animal which could cause a global outbreak. .... of disease spread from continent to continent include HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria .... (2066 8 )

    .... Two of these pandemics, perhaps the worst, are the Bubonic Plague of 14th century Europe and the AIDs outbreak in 20th/21st century Africa. .... (804 3 )

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    .... (Department of Health: Cholera Outbreak in Mpumalanga 2003) Clearly, poverty is a great burden to the South .... HIV/AIDS is also a major problem in South Africa. .... (682 3 )

In the Middle Ages anyone carrying the "black plague" was to be avoided. ), the misconceptions have been proven to be false. Since the initial outbreak was among gay men it was simply assumed that only gay men could be affected. Most victims have not lived as long as he which is why AIDS has lead to some extensive research. Motivational speakers, like Scott Fried, continue to reach out to teens and adults about AIDS and sex. Information about these subjects can also be found easily, not only at hospitals or doctors"tm offices; but in books, magazines, pamphlets, and even on the internet. It has opened up the public to not only HIVAIDS awareness, but sexual cognizance as well. In this way HIVAIDS had a positive affect on the country. HIV positive, homosexual, male, Scott Fried, said, "Ironically one of the blessings that HIVAIDS has brought me is the abundance of love. Similarly, the public would often avoid people with AIDS. Now even kids are being made aware of the dangers of sex and spreading HIV. evoke an immune system response that will prevent infection or disease development" still has not been found, other treatments have been tested. Now that "AIDS is the second leading cause of death in the United States among people aged 25 to 44" (ARIC n.


(Levin, Bull, and Stewart, 2001, 1) BODY The outbreak of AIDS and infections of HIV have dropped significantly in the United States over the past two decades. (1899 8 )

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investigation, the researchers tracked the origin of the infection outbreak, charted the 160 questionnaires were distributed to HCWs on the AIDS service and (872 3 )

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The outbreak of the AIDS epidemic in the US and the spread of the disease on a much more devastating scale in sub-Saharan Africa are now going into their third (2404 10 )

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Under the rational basis test, the segregation of prisoners with AIDS has been of an area of San Francisco during a suspected bubonic plague outbreak was held (1525 6 )

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Under the rational basis test, the segregation of prisoners with AIDS has been of an area of San Francisco during a suspected bubonic plague outbreak was held (1531 6 )

One of the countries at risk for developing a major outbreak is Brazil. Currently, Brazil has recorded enough cases of HIV and AIDS to have it classified as an (1771 7 )