Fashion scene in pakistan

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Sleeve less shirts, deep necks, slit shalwars is that the idea of our fashion?? Well that’s what we see on the covers but how many of us wear it??? But that are all the ideas glossies or non-glossies have there to give it to us. Whether you are viewing a high class magazine or just a magazine printed on a recycled paper... that is all there is to see. Get real how many of us wear this stuff...okay sleeveless fine people do wear but who wears a short top showing the belly and slit pants and well not usual slits but slits that go up to your knee? Just today I opened up this glossy which showed the photo shoot of gals wearing jeans and pathetic shirts...I am not saying that we can’t wear it but these are not what I would wear to look classy. Today we cant say that we are illiterate about fashion come on we have fashion schools sprouting up like mushrooms all over the country but I don’t see any.. I mean any change in that idea that fashion is not for the masses. The sort of fashion we see in the media is not what the masses wear. We also want to have some style okay s Continue...

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We try to copy their cuts their ideas and just adulterate out own sense of fashion. what I see is promoting the big mighty west in the fashion industry. Channel, there are lots of choices these days. I find it funny as well as very very disappointing. If we don't promote ourselves if we don't promote our real values nobody will recognize us as what we are. I think whatever you wear try to be modest and if you think that modesty is not in style think again. But these days even shalwar qameezes are quite offensively made, as one of my friends says it is better to wear jeans then a see thru pant shalwar. ome small scale designers do provide us with that but if we are talking about promoting our culture through fashion we are so far behind. Be fashionable, be in style, but be what you are. There is a saying in Urdu that ' kawa chala hans ki chal apni chaal bhi bhool gaya'.