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Globalization is a process in which economic, political, and socio-cultural relations are established across a long geographic distance. Globalization gains its strength from the possibilities opened up by technologies, strategies and policies. The reality takes effect when the fears, ideas, actions and reactions occur due to globalization. In a fully globalized society, borders no longer protect people, goods, and symbols. The world becomes this worldwide network where the borders fade away. A factor within globalization is consolidation. This is when globalization is forcing companies that used to enjoy prote Continue...

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Globalization is something that is acknowledged and then acted upon. When globalization is properly acted upon, political policies begin to affect economic strategies, which then affect social reactions and so on. There are two main causes of globalization. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. cted home markets to compete with foreign rivals. In the 1930's depression, the Nation drew back from their international markets. Today the rise of the Internet has boosted globalization tremendously. The first cause is 'globalization as a consequence of technological innovation. These tasks include safeguarding peace, fighting criminality, securing social order, and securing property rights and ownership. Globalization is a reality that touches our lives in ways most people never stop to think about. The second cause of globalization is the hegemony of the neo-liberal ideology. This cause has such an impact on mobility and communication that the 'technological revolution' implies a social revolution' and a decisive shift from industrial capitalism to a post-industrial conception and reality of economic relations. are becoming less powerful and less capable of completing tasks necessary to achieve international capital. But the rise of the Western states to build and strengthen international ties in the aftermath of World War II laid the groundwork for today's globalization.


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