Go tell it on the mountain

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Synthesize the ideas of W.E.B. Dubois on the civil rights of Americans? W.E.B Dubois wanted the eqaulity of man, as the nation was build apon. Dubois wanted every single righjt that belonged to a freeborn American. He wanted to vote. He stated that, that would cover everything from freedom to the chance to raise to the chasityof your daughters. He wanted discrimination in public to cease, with that no different railway cars or separate bathrooms and drinking fountains. Dubois wanted an education for the black children just as the white children got it, in a clean and safe school. Dubois did not want this just for African Amer Continue...

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He wanted not just up from slavery but free from it forever becoming eaquil or greater than the so-called opposition. His outlook on life was you want something you go get it; you don't wait for it to come to you. Washington disagree on the strategy of achieving civil rightsBooker T. wanted the rights to just come over a period of time excepting the prejudice and segragation that was handed to him, saying it will come to an end in due time. Dubois did not want to take his time achieving those goals. ivans but for whoever was being denied the opportunity of an American. The civil right movement speeded up the procsses of gaining political freedom for the black man or minority. He wanted the American dream that the white folk were living. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography.


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