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Essentials Of Robotics Have you ever wondered how your car, your computer, or even a can of beans is made? Well, it is all done by a computer-controlled machine that is programmed to move, manipulate objects, and accomplish work while interacting with its environment (Robot). This complicated machine is called a Robot. Robots have been used all over the world to help make dangerous or even long labored jobs a simple task (“Reaching”). They work in mines, industrial factories, consumer goods factories, and many more places. Robots are also used as personal hobbies, as seen in many movies, shows, etc (Schoeffler). Robots have existed for over 80 years and there potential is only growing more and more (“Robot”). Robots are essential to the world we live in today, because of all the different things they are used for a daily basis. Robots have been used in many dangerous environments, keeping humans from being harmed (“Reaching”). For example, The Department of energy faces the enormous task of cleaning up radioactive waste and harmful chemicals accumulated during years of nuclear weapons production at sites across the country (“Robots work”). To clean this mess up the DOE uses robots. This is a very practical w Continue...

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Without these robots many people would have to put their lives to risk for something as stupid as a nuclear waste clean up. Robots work where humans can't ... and they haven't heard about vacations. They will also help the army in terms of cost effectiveness. Probably the fastest growing industry beginning to lead in the use of robots is technological industry. The robots can make many cars in a very short time and do it with extreme accuracy, which is very important when making a car. Robots are also being used by the military to eliminate the need for manual rearming of battle tanks ("Reaching). Food packaging can be done precisely and very quickly with robots ("food). In the food industry robots are used to transfer food from one assembly line to another, to can food, and to package final products ("Food). They can also be used to produce letters, drawings, or patterns on clothing with exact accuracy ("Clothing).


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