Queen Mab Speech

             This scene takes place outside of Capulet’s house, as Romeo, Benvolio, and a number of friends and fellow Montagues gather before entering the party. In order to protect their addends, the members of Romeo’s party are going to the ball as masked dancers, and they pause to discuss the details of their performance. Romeo insists on being a torch-bearer, claiming that he is too lovesick too dance. One of Romeo’s friends, Mercutio teases Romeo unmercifully for not dancing. (Bloom 16). Romeo states he had a dream that foretold something was going to happen, what, he knew not.
             This led Mercutio to deliver an intricate speech. Describing Queen Mab as a ‘midwife’ who brings dreams to humans in a variety of social situations. The passage of Queen Mab, is a montage of fairy lore, country superstition, and is probably a poetic invention by Shakespeare. (Boyce 386). Through the speech, Mercutio is trying to show Romeo just how unrealistic his love is for Rosaline. Romeo responds by telling Mercutio that he is talking nonsense, in turn Mercutio tells Romeo that dreams are nonsense. At this time Benvolio states in essence that they were going to be late. Romeo feels it is too soon to enter Capulets’ festivity and fears some kind of consequence is about to take place. (Bevington 27)
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