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Poli Sci 2304 Prof. Linehan Chauncey Taylor Mar 8 99 What Senator Joseph McCarthy has taught me about Politics, America and Myself. Senator Joseph McCarthy was one of the most relentless, ambitious, and strongest anti-Communist Americans America has ever seen. America in the state of panic it was in formed the House Un-American Activities Committee, which was overshadowed by McCarthy alone. His Allegations cost people their job, families, lively hood, and anything that mean anything to them. Joseph loved his country and the people in it. He viewed communism as a serious threat to Federalism and Capitalism. He used his power in congress to make sure that his way of life did not evaporate over night. His strengths in the political mainstream were unbelievable. For instance McCarthy had the most of the support of both houses that gave him the means and the power to attack and expose the Communist Americans in the country. His list of 200 communists put America in a state of panic. This gave him the power to gain the trust of Americans. They feared him, he could destroy them, because America was scared and he showed them leadership, strength and determination. He was disgusted at the fact that Americans would allow the Continue...

America citizens were so terrified of communism and communists that, instead of looking for a robber when you got home you would look for a communist. However we could not in good taste accept that our own govt. His life goal was to ensure the American way of life and not let that dream diminish, because it means so much to us. McCarthy has taught me that everybody has limits that should not be crossed. In America he's taught me that you can do anything if you can change the way the public feels about it and gain their support. HUAC did not take a long time when investigating un-American activities. They would check out the people he claimed to be a communist and report their findings. People prayed that he would not call their name or even know it for that matter. He added instability, tension, and nervousness to a situation that already had way to much. He gave us hope and he will always be remembered for that ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. He did not stand just to take the little guy down he went for the people that would had power in America to actually get something done. One of the many ways McCarthy changed America is he told you which citizens were communist or had wanted to have communism in America. He has taught me leadership on a level unparalleled to who we now would consider a leader. I have learned from McCarthy the true meaning of a patriot.