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The History of Guitar By Four hundred years ago the guitar was invented. Since then, guitar has been a great innovative instrument. It serves as the heart of a song, or sound. From Jazz, and Blues, to Heavy Metal, and punk music guitar has been perhaps the biggest factor in modern music. Between acoustic guitar, and electric guitar there is a lot of history. When guitar was first invented, it looked nothing like the guitars that we know. The first guitars were lutes. Lutes evolved into vihuelas, and later became the guitar in the fifteenth century. The first guitar was called the four-coarse guitar. It was called the four-course guitar because it only had four strings. It also had a strange tuning rather than the usual D-G-B-E tuning it was tuned to C-F-A-D which is a tone lower. Later, in the sixteenth century the five course guitar. Although the five-course is basically a four-course with an extra string, that string (low E) becomes very important in today’s style of playing. Also it had frets, frets are the lines on the guitar that make the different notes. It was believed to be invented in Spain. Early music sheets were written in tablature, similar to today. Later, in Continue...

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The fender stratocaster, the stratocaster came after the telecaster but had an even bigger effect. A short while after the telecaster made its debut, the Gibson Les Paul model came on the scene. Acoustic guitars were the new kind of guitars that revolutionized sounds, and style. The new guitars were coming from Germany, Spain, England, and America. Top of the line amplifiers comes from brands like Marshall, and Mesa Boogie. These new acoustic guitars had a great sound with the new materials being used, and the sleeker design. With all the guitar companies making guitars, a few guitars became more popular than others did. The early amps were tube amps, which meant that they were powered by tubes in the back of the amp. Many varieties of woods are used! to make guitars from cedar to timber, each for a different tone. The first classical six-strings were considered to be very beautiful. The wah-wah pedal made famous by Jimi Hendrix allowed for a sound that almost sounded like a cry or a "wah. Guitarists like Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin used this guitar. The new guitar design led to different ways the guitar could be played. New guitar companies started emerging in the early nineteen hundreds that perfected the making of acoustic guitars.


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