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It`s very hard to imagine a world without guns, gangs, and violence since it is all around us. Every time we turn our head, we see an act of violence being done by teens and adults that shouldn't be happening. We are fortunate enough to live in a great neighborhood where we don`t have to hide in fear and carry around weapons because we are scared to walk down the streets of Chicago thinking we might be struck by violence. Even though I myself have never been in a violent situation, I know friends who have, even adults. There are reasons why youth violence is spreading across our country, but I truly believe it can be minimized if everyone had the heart to stop it. As I grew up in a little Polish community about 20 minutes away from Portage Park, I have seen some horrible things I never thought I would experience and see as a 6 year old girl. First I will tell you some background information of the community I lived in. It was`t one of the greatest neighborhoods you would want your child to grow up and live in, but you managed to come home safely every day. But I cannot say that about everyone. As one day I was walking home from school, I saw 2 older kids beating up a poor lit Continue...

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A lot of people feel that violence is the answer to their problems, when its not, because in reality it only causes more. Teen pressure is something every teen faces. Doesnt it seem like no one can get through to teens these daysYouth violence is spreading each year that goes by. It gave me bad impressions of life in America. No one can blame one thing that triggers youth violence, because no one can get into the minds of teenagers today and tell everyone else what is going on through their heads. Violence can be stopped, we just need to work at it, and come together to accomplish something great. It is something I remember because I had just come from Poland, and seeing a child of my own nationality being beaten up because of his background made me think that I will one day be a target. If one person would stand up and say youth violence is wrong, it would make a big difference. Blood dripping down his face, crying hysterically, what was I to do I just stood there and could not believe my eyes, I thought I was watching some kind of horror movie. But we cant blame the parents for youth violence, because after all, it is the youth who is causing it. tle Polish boy because of his nationality. Today its hard to blame one thing as the trigger of youth violence, but I think many things contribute to it. I tried to run away from this scene, but I can still remember the face of that poor, innocent little boy who didnt do anything.


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