A Hidden Treasure

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A Hidden Treasure Nestled in the wee town of River Falls, population around 10,000, lies a treasured place no one knows exists. To it’s regulars, it’s a haven. What would they do if they couldn’t get their 6 a.m. pot of coffee or a conversation with a friend they most likely said the exact same words to yesterday morning? This hidden paradise, named South Fork Café, or to others, The Fork. When you enter the Fork, you see what might be perceived as a cheap attempt at a fancy restaurant. The carpet screams to be replaced. It’s blue hues and purple diamonds ache with each step of a person’s foot. Moving past the door and looking to the right, there are two window tables that face Main Street. One of the tables, if you happen to be in at 10 a.m., is occupied by Johnny, otherwise known as “Johnny in the window”. The name was given to him by the waitresses for his loyalty to the window table. His mullet hairstyle and sleeveless shirts, arms covered with tattoos of “Debbie”, “Donna”, and “Marie” done by himself, are a tough cover up for the little teddy bear inside. But, you wouldn’t want to steal his seat. Continuing leftward, a chain of eight booths line the left wall. Recently upholstered Continue...

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Beyond the counter and the popular seats, lies the land of the underpaid, unhappy men. The inhabitants of the large table (three small, square tables with four chairs on each side) are known as the coffee guys. They feel, and know, that they are the valued customers. These stools are reserved for two people, only they aren't actually reserved. Although it's not Olive Garden style, it's customers are happy with it and accept the Fork the way it is. The color is like the dresses worn by Laura Ingalls in "Little House a poor, dirty pink. The girls say he's a supposed rapist who likes to stare at young coll!ege girls, staying at the Fork for up to five hours at a time, drinking coffee and being utterly disgusting. The atmosphere is inviting, appealing to all kinds of people whether you're a regular person or a regular celebrity. Composing the rest of the smoking section are the plumbing and heating men, the horse guys, and the grandma's and grandpa's who venture out into the big city only to order two English Muffins and coffee, spending the entire hour not speaking to each other.


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