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David De Souza Comm. 307 3/12/01 Unit Two films Now, Voyager In "Now, Voyager" Bette Davis plays Charlotte Vale, the spinster daughter of an domineering, high-society Boston matron. Charlotte is so completely under her mother's thumb that, in her first scene, we see her hiding cigarettes from her mother in her bedroom. Convinced that Charlotte is about to have a nervous breakdown, Charlotte's cousin, Lisa, calls a psychiatrist, Dr. Janquist (Claude Rains), to the house. In typical Hollywood fashion, Charlotte has the breakdown during his visit. After a stay in Dr. Janquist's sanitarium, Charlotte decides to take a cruise to Nassau and Rio deJaneiro. As if she isn't already mixed up enough, everyone mistakenly calls her Renée Bon Chance, because she's borrowed a friend's ticket and clothes. She spends a beautiful day in Nassau with a man she meets named Jerry Durrance (played by Paul Henreid). They smoke their first cigarette together. He lights her cigarette for her; you can tell no one has ever done this for her before. He also orders Cointreau for both of them (which marks him as a stellar date in my book.) To add to Charlotte's confusion, Jerry introduces her to friends on the cruise as Camille. At this point, she has three different names. As the ship sails on to Rio, Charlotte finds out more about Jerry's life as a married man, and gets more involved with him. As their relationship gets as close as it's ever going to get in this movie, Jerry puts two cigarettes in his mouth, lights them simultaneously, and then hands one to Charlotte. You have to see this to believe it. The smoldering looks she gives while their smoke mingles in the air between them.... well, it's priceless. After this, "Now, Voyager" is all about half-requited love and a frumpy woman's declaration of independence from her overbearing mother. It's definitely worth the trip. Some like it Hot Jerry (Jack Lemmon) and Joe (Tony Curtis) are struggling musicians. Thei...

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