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During the period of time when the role of women was that of a “helpmate”, and their most complicated job entailed simple household tasks, Anne Bradstreet broke these barriers and became the first published poet from the English colonies. The poet Anne Bradstreet wrote about her life and how her trials urged her to conduct self-inspections in an effort to attempt to subdue the material desires of this world. In Bradstreet’s poem “Upon the Burning of Our House,” Puritan ideals are reflected throughout. There are several traits one must possess in order to be considered Puritan. The idea of Divine Providence and Original Sin, believing that worldly pleasures are an unhealthy vanity, and possessing faith are just a few examples of Puritan ideology. To start off with, Divine Providence is the belief that God controls all things, that His will is evident in worldly events. Bradstreet visibly reflects this view. As Bradstreet’s house burns to the ground, she still “blest His name that gave and took” (line Continue...

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She feels that God has a will and that His will is best. This excellent example of Divine Providence can lead us right into the idea of Original Sin. This can be seen as an example of Puritan Typology, in which she is relating things that are happening to her with examples of things in the Bible. In this case, Bradstreet blames the fire to a lack of strength in her spirituality. Finally faith is a quality that a Puritan must possess. In the end of the poem she vows to leave all her possessions behind, with the quote "The world no longer let me love My hope and treasure lies above" (lines 54-55). "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord" (Job 1:21). It"tms purchased and paid for tooBy Him who hath enough to do. They were just gifts from God for him to give and take. 14) believing that God truly owns everything, and that her time of ownership has come to an end. Her attitude in this situation shows the level of faith in which she possesses. She also shows that she feels that God is just in his actions, that the things that were being destroyed were not hers to mourn. It is amazing that in the midst of her great tragedy Bradstreet turns her eyes to God, having faith and believing in a promise she cannot see. She gives God glory even in hardship and uses the event to make her faith stronger.


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